Mt Kilimanjaro Climb - Day 6

The last day on the mountain was bitter sweet, being without a shower for 6 days was starting to show, but the routine of the mountain and camaraderie forged on the mountain between the guides, porters, and fellow climbers were incredible. Walking down the mountain was fast. The route to the bottom took us through the 5 ecological zones on the south side of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Conversation once again resumed in full force, no one was conserving energy and all signs of altitude sickness were subsiding. A few members of the group even ran down the mountain. Monkeys were spotted, and thankfully none of them attacked us. Day 6 included a 12.5 mile hike to the Marangu Gate on the south side of the mountain.

For the rest of our lives we would be talking about the time we stood on the highest freestanding mountain in the world... for 15 mins. And right after we talk about the summit, we'll mention the reason for the effort - two clean water wells funded by our climb.