Non-profit Adventure Fundraising

Like a tree planted by a stream, non-profits thrive when they have consistent support for their mission. Partner with Steep Adventures® to create an exciting and challenging adventure to raise funds to support a specific project or charitable cause. Adventure fundraising stands out in a world of banquets, galas, golf outings, and sub sales. Donors and adventure enthusiasts participate in a life-changing experience, while gathering support and making a difference in the process.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

— Mother Theresa



"This idea to fundraise through an adventure was totally new to me. Steep Adventures, Michelle Deller, did an amazing job at making it happen. What was only a dream became a reality under her skilled logistical leadership and adventurous spirit. PROMESA got a much needed financial boost which puts them closer to the dream of having their own school building. EMM will be working with Michelle again to offer another exciting opportunity in the next year."  - Kaylene Derksen, Development Direct, Eastern Mennonite Missions



Benefits of Adventure Fundraising

  1. A fun and unique way to connect with donors
  2. Broaden the potential reach with peer-to-peer fundraising
  3. Allow participants to connect their love of adventure with a greater purpose
  4. Bring excitement to your fundraising process
  5. Create camaraderie among adventure participants unified by the mission
  6. Connect the fundraising project with the adventure (ex: visit the community receiving the well, school building, or agricultural project)
  7. Adventure travel is on the rise with a desire for social impact

Projects supported by Adventure Fundraising


Well refurbishments completed in three communities in India as a result of a 334 mile bike ride for Humankind Water, summer of 2016. For more on the bike ride and well refurbishments, click here!


The water source in the village in Arusha, Tanzania before the well was drilled using the funds from our Mt Kilimanjaro climb. To read about the climb and results of the adventure fundraising for clean water, click here.