Why Adventure Fundraising?

Before Steep Adventures, the story begins... Months of preparation and training, fundraising, gear testing, and anticipation could not have prepared me for the incredible, unforgettable experience of climbing the world's highest freestanding mountain. The climb was hard! Oxygen never became so recognizably important as it was while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. I have reached the summit of 14,000 ft mountains in Colorado that were technically more challenging than Kili, but add an extra mile of altitude and everything becomes more difficult.

Getting to the top was fueled by a desire to accomplish the goal and report back to family and friends that I made it, but there was also another reason for getting to the summit. Our climb was raising money for a clean water well in a village in Arusha, Tanzania and in that village lives a little girl for whom I provide education sponsorship. Imagine living every day without access to clean water.

Knowing that each day, this little girl, her family, and community live without access to clean water kept me pushing forward. The average walk for clean water is 3 miles for those living without direct access. Surely, I could push past any physical discomfort for a few days as a symbolic way of identifying with those that struggle every day for access to the basic needs in life. 

Adventure fundraising allows you to enter the struggle. The needs are great, and the struggle is real. Test your determination, and allow a cause larger than yourself to fuel your adventure! The experience will be far richer because you made a difference in the lives of others.