Mt Kilimanjaro Climb - Day 5 (Summit Day)

There are some things that no amount of training and reading can prepare you for,  climbing to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro is no exception. It's hard and amazing, and reaches for every ounce of determination in your being. The schedule for climbing to the summit will help explain the journey to the top.

Day 4

4:30pm - Arrive at Kibo Hut

5pm - Dinner

6pm - Go to sleep (sleep optional)

11pm - Wake up to snow on the ground and breakfast

Day 5

Midnight - Start the climb to the summit in a full moon and white snow on the ground

5am - Reach the first point on Kibo - Gilman's Point 18,652 ft

7:05am - THE SUMMIT - Uruhu Peak 19,341 ft - 3.1 miles from Kibo Hut

7:20am - Begin descending after a cup of hot chocolate, compliments of the guides

9:30am - Crawl into the tent and don't bother to close the door because you fall asleep as soon as you lay down

12pm - Lunch

1pm - Hike 6.2 miles to Horombo Camp

The 15 mins on the summit are burned into the memory of everyone that made it. It was hard and worth every step. Words might not do as much justice as pictures. While viewing the pictures get yourself a straw and use it as a breathing aparatus and that might give you a small feeling of actually being on the mountain.