Mt Kilimanjaro Climb - Day 3

Settled into the routine of life on the mountain, it was now normal to wake up with the morning tea/coffee and wash bin set outside of the tent. Opening the tent and seeing a blanket of clouds below was truly surreal. So to fully enjoy the view, breakfast was served alfresco, no tent to hinder the view.

As the altitudes increased, so did the need to drink in every moment and all the oxygen the lungs could handle. Taking it slow was the way of the mountain. Another Swahili saying on the mountain is to take one day at time, don't think about the summit, it will be there regardless of when we get there.

The morning began with a send-off song by the guides and porters. What a way to get super excited for the terrain and hike ahead.

Clouds are now our footstools and the terrain is becoming more rugged and barren. Conversation becomes a little less on Day 3 as concentration turns to walking and breathing. We hiked 3.7 miles from the 11,811 ft Kikelelwa Cave to 14,206 ft at Mawenzi Tarn (one of my favorite campsites on the mountain).