Preparing for a Steep Adventure

No matter how steep the adventure, there is a certain amount of preparation required to successfully complete, and enjoy, the journey. Getting to the final destination will be a reward of preparation, determination, and accomplishment. Anyone that signs up with Steep Adventures will be coached in training for the upcoming challenge.

Training ideas will be suggestions for getting ready for the challenge. Putting in the preparation time will be rewarded when the challenge begins. During the months leading up to my climb to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, my training regimen was weaved into the daily demands of life, but there was always a nagging feeling that it was not enough. Feeling fully prepared for an adventure is quite an elusive feeling, just know that every effort to train will be appreciated during the journey.

Do activity that you love and involve others in your training. Accountability will keep you motivated and having fun in the process. Sign up for events, there is nothing like the outlay of money to keep one motivated to train. Cross training will also help to keep variety in your workout, and ensure a range of muscles are prepared for the journey.

Above all remember, a Steep Adventure challenge is about enjoying the entire process of reaching the goal, both physically and in support of the cause!