Bikepacking - DC to Pittsburgh - Day 6

Day 6 - River's Edge Family Campground to Pittsburgh - 58 miles

The last day on the trail! It was a bittersweet finish. The time on the trail was worth every challenge, muscle tweak, and hot, sweaty day. Six days and 334 miles of trail was an amazing journey and accomplishment. When I got home, I started searching for other trails without traffic. There is something nice about hitting a trail instead of the road, and I've done both.

Red Rocks Waterfall

Red Rocks Waterfall

For the final 16 miles of the GAP trail, it's paved. This is nice for moving along at a faster clip, and also great for radiating heat from a 90+ degree day. Needless to say I was downing the water and perspiring something fierce.

Arriving in Pittsburgh, means there are several bridges to cross, which brings mini hill climbs. Going from remote trail to large city sidewalks is a bit of a transition, but a welcome sight because it means the end is near.


Point State Park is the final stopping ground, but I couldn't find a mile marker to prove I'd gone the distance. The fountain was also non-operational that day, which made the pictures a little less interesting. I was so parched when we reached the park that I just wanted to get the pictures taken and find water!


It's a little ironic that I was so desperate for water, because the whole reason I did the ride was to raise awareness and support for the world's water crisis. There is nothing like physical activity to bring out an intense need for water, and so many in the world lack access to clean drinking water. Because of the 334 miles I pedaled on the trail, a community in India will receive access to clean drinking water. It seems like a small effort to change the water situation in one community. Check out how Humankind Water is helping to change communities in countries around the world, by providing access to clean drinking water.