Want to improve teamwork and foster a better work environment? Rally employees around a common goal that benefits a charitable cause and encourages improved physical fitness.

Three ways for employees to get involved:

  1. Steep Adventures® can create a custom challenge, one designed specifically around employee interests and charitable goals.
  2. Have a group of employees join one of Steep Adventures® current adventure challenges benefiting one of our partner non-profits.
  3. Encourage employees to sign up for the Steep Adventures® challenge of their choosing. 

Steep Adventures® will help each employee with setting fitness goals to meet the challenge ahead with success. There are even creative ways to incorporate team building activities and team member strength assessments into the adventure.


Corporate Foundations and Charitable Projects

    Support the company's philanthropic efforts by raising additional funds and awareness for a special humanitarian or environmental project through an adventure fundraising trip.

    Whatever the corporate project...

    • Clean water projects
    • Sustainable agriculture
    • Health initiatives
    • Improving the environment

    Adventure fundraising trips connect participants to the cause, promote teamwork, and provide an unforgettable experience filled with memories. Contact us for more information about how to link corporate foundations with adventure fundraising!


    Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

    - Vince Lombardi